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Faith schools are those educational institutions that strongly advocate and promote a religious point of view. Connoisseurs of this system believe that the inclusion of religious subject matter is mandatory for their students and thus, religion forms a substantial fraction of their curriculum. The spokesperson for Children, Schools and Families Ed Balls commented that, “Faith in the System is a ground breaking document representing the Government’s and religious groups’ commitment to ensuring that every child, wherever they start in life, gets to experience the best our education system has to offer.” (DCSF News, 2010) The Government feels that it should deliberate over the variety of beliefs that are present in today’s world. It believes that faith schools would be instrumental in developing commitment within people of the same community and plant a seedling of intellectual cohesion.
Proponents of this educational system also substantiate their claims by saying that it is a pragmatic approach towards mutual respect for all religions and encouraging healthy co-existence. (British Humanist Association, 2006) The Government aims to facilitate religious education by taking care of particular requirements of several religious minorities.
A major added benefit for faith schools is the fact that they have immense recall value. Since faith schools endorse a strong impactful part of people’s lives, they suppose that their children can be entrusted with the faculty and management who stand by their beliefs.  Such schools promise a morale grooming, better academic record and sound instilled beliefs. However, at times, it is observed that stringent policies tend to neglect the broad concept of education.

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