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CRM, customer relationship is a group of processes by which an organization gains an ability to organise the contacts that it has and these include the customers on the top priority. For the proper organization of these valuable contacts it has been seen that the CRM software is being used by many organizations. Project management is counted among some of the most influential strategies that are adopted by the organizations aiming to succeed in the competitive markets. Program Evaluation and Review technique is n analytical technique implemented towards the project management so as to analyze the risks and the profits involved in a project.

CRM strategies that have been implemented by McDonalds have proven to be quiet profitable. McDonalds has been using the CRM software for making the best of customer services relationships with the customers. CRM software has been helping McDonalds in maintaining the records of contacts of worthful customers (Anderson, and Kerr, 2001, p. 33). All the employees at McDonalds belonging to different departments as sales, professional development, human resources development as well as performance management and marketing departments are the ones who can update the customer information on the daily basis by using CRM technology.

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