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It was expected by French people that the Park might be having spots that would relate to their traditions but finding American traditions made them highly ambiguous and this turned out to be disaster for Disneyland as only 29% visitors from France visited Disneyland. As Americans have much tolerance and acceptance for other cultures and they thought they would receive the same response from French people too but it didn’t turn out to be that successful marking a culture difference.

Workers working in Euro Disneyland were mostly French workers who were asked to dress up just like the employees of Disneyland in California and Tokyo. American top management of the Disneyland strictly imposed dress code for Euro Disney due to which French employees felt humiliated and insulted, complaining it was insult on their family traditions and customs. Due to this fact, many French workers quit their jobs. This too was a cultural difference between US & France.

The other cultural difference between US & France management of Disneyland broke out when French management of Euro Disney complained that most of the top management of Euro Disneyland was American born which never used to communicate in French which was further an insult for French people leaving them confused. As a matter of fact, French management at Euro Disneyland would have been a better option as French employees could easily communicate with French officials. Last but not the least, the American top executives of Disneyland should have adopted French culture which promotes cooperation, group decision making, friendly atmosphere and more employee freedoms plus environmental conservation. If cultural needs were taken care of, then Disneyland wouldn’t have lost U2$34 million in its first six months of operations in Euro Disneyland.

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