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In the Chinese culture, the death of a member of the society is an affair that ought to be attended to everyone. The Chinese man who I interviewed told me that after the death of his grandfather who was 76 years of age his burial was attended by over four thousand people. If one has lived a healthy life for long then the people who attend the burial touch the body that is considered as a form of blessing. It is also of paramount importance for one to carry flowers to the burial, which signify the number of things that one would like to happen in his or her life.

The good things that one may wish to like to happen in his life include having a son, long life, marriage and every other good thing you might be wishing for. Since sons are very important in the families of the Chinese, they notify the society about the death of a family member. This is characterized by wailing upon learning about the death of a member of the society. A son of a family that has lost one of their own should mourn for 72 days and he is not allowed to marry in the next six months. The death of an elderly person who has a son is a happy conclusion whereas if one dies before getting a son that is a sad ending. One who commits suicide must be buried away from the other ancestors. The Chinese believe that after one dies he goes somewhere but the soul never dies. They also soothe the souls of the dead by burying papers, which could be replicates of money, cars or even houses.

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