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In the African culture, the life of a member of the society is a responsibility for the society as a whole. When one dies, it is the responsibility of every person to help in any way that he or she can. The digging of the grave is dug by the community voluntarily as a sign of showing the grieved family that they are together with them during those hard times. If for any chance there is money needed for the transportation of the body or mortuary fees the members of the society contribute to give a helping hand.

The grieving is much longer and sad if the deceased was a young person. If the deceased was an elderly person who is considered to have lived his or her life fully then the death is more or less as a celebration. When a young person dies almost every member of the society sheds tears and there is lots of wailing during the funeral. In every occasion in the African culture, those who attend are always fed and funerals are no exception. The community contributes the food that is served at funerals to grieving society and they do the cooking. When one dies he goes on to join the ancestors who were buried before him.

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