Sample Essay

The marketing strategy has to be one that takes into account the cultural specifics of the region into which the expansion is taking place. In this regard, the expansion strategy calls for a customized marketing strategy instead of an exceptional marketing strategy. A commonly used technique in this regard is to acquire marketing services from a marketing firm that is local to the host country. This is done so that the chances of an erroneously launched marketing strategy can be reduced. An inadequate marketing strategy can cause considerable damage to the international expansion. While the nature of the marketing strategy is also dependent on the entry strategy chosen, the need to develop one that is in coherence with local values is undeniable.


The entry strategy chosen in international expansion can make all the difference between successful and unsuccessful international expansion. The entry strategy can be of different forms and types. Generally, the entry strategy incorporates the establishment of aspects as basic as logistical support, to as complex as the production process.

The purpose of the establishment of the entry strategy for international expansion is to ascertain the position that the business shall take in the target market upon its expansion.

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