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In understanding the actions of business organizations in Europe or elsewhere in the world, culture is an important factor to consider.  The language used in the in the European culture is one element that has an impact on all business adventures. Even people who use the same language such as English among the Americans and the British, it can still bring misunderstanding as illustrated in the story by Watson Churchill (Hill, 2008). The American and British soldiers were planning for the famous D-day in the WWII where the British wanted the issue to be talked right then and used the phrase “table it” which the American soldiers understood it to mean to postpone until later.

According to C. W. Hill (2008), “Another aspect is cultural values of different societies which has implications on business etiquette are expressions of agreement and disagreement which are different among different societies” (p.38). In western culture mostly among Americans and most Europeans, a lot of argument follows disagreements with participants willing to express this verbally. This is different compared to most Asian societies who find it hard to say no verbally even when the answer is no and their disagreement is expressed nonverbally.

Cultural values also affect the nature of business relationships that are likely to occur. In western culture again such relationships are easy to form, short termed and express a lot of importance to written agreement rather than relationships. In Asian cultures such as Japan, business transactions do not occur until a firm relationship is formed and written agreements are less important. They also last long. Additionally, in western cultures, business meetings are based on time, where being on time and starting and ending on time is important while in eastern cultures appointments are focused more on the purpose rather than time (Hill, 2008, p. 7).

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