Sample Essay

America is a country where people of different ethnic backgrounds usually face a lot of discrimination at times. These people face discrimination in nearly all walks of life including employment, health care etc. This can be proved by the fact that, “ethnically and racially plural societies, like the United States of America, customarily are characterized by a high degree of intergroup inequality.

Whether indexed by disparities in income, wealth, or occupational status, wide differences continue to be observed across ascriptively differentiated groups. Most research has addressed gaps in economic outcomes between blacks and whites, but the decennial censuses for 1980 and 1990 facilitate a more intricate look at America’s ethnic heterogeneity. Respondents to both censuses were asked to provide answers to questions about both their race and ancestry which enable researchers to sketch in fine detail the extent of intergroup disparity in America in the late 20th century” (Darity, Guilkey and Winfrey, p.1). Althought the country United States of America claims to be “color-blind” are pretty amateur to believe in due to the fact that there are a vast number of researches and studies, which have proved this statement wrong. Discrimination is faced by these people in nearly all walks of life including housing, employment, daily transactions, public accomodation, development etc.

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