Sample Essay

According to Dafoulas & Macaulay (2001), “Culture is the way of live of a particular society.  It constitutes things like sets of rules on manners, dressing codes, language, religion, rituals, norms, and systems of belief” (p. 1).  Culture of a society can be looked at as constituting four elements, which are passed on from one generation to the next through learning as Dafoulas & Macaulay continues to say. In Belgium, culture is notable by the sports, folkore, cousine and fine arts. These are values, norms, artifacts, and institutions.  Values consists of thoughts about the important things in life as seen by a society, norms on the other hand are expectations of behavior of people in different circumstances.  Cultural institutions are organizations of the society through which norms and values are handed on while artifacts are the physical things or materials, which represent a society’s cultural values and norms such as buildings, a national flag, monuments, etc.  In a business organization or in the Belgium textile industry, it could be prizes won in challenges or the pioneer products of companies, which have special meanings, and there could be stories told about them.  In a business organization, ceremonies and celebrations could be a cultural element where these actions are performed repeatedly in specific situations and hold specific meanings such as promotions and retirements, everyday events such as Christmas.

An organization could also have heroes in its culture, which are used as epitomes and idealized so the members can learn from them such as founders of an organization, or an officer who did a heroic act.  The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Workforce Development Board (2002) says, “Attitudes are an important cultural aspect in an organization where members display certain beliefs that tell others where they belong” (p. 3). In Belgium, the leading textile firms are Bekaert Textiles,Ralos, Beaulieu and Uco among others.these are the firms that set the culture, trends and value in the textile industry.

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