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EIA plays an important and essential part in today’s organizations. EAI requires a semantic infrstructure and also an interdeiscilinary team to manage it. The team must include members from IT, business units, other information professionals, information architects and so on. This team needs to work in integration with other departments within the organization including the business units, sales & procurement, administration, research and development and so on. Obviously the make up of the team and its importance in the organization will vary within industries but research shows it should be located in any department within the organization except the IT.

The involvement of IT is important within the team and the architecture since information is identified in this department and then described but its for a fact that IT professionals are not information professionals. For example a number of serach, content management or portal projects fail since the requirements to make them a success can not be fulfilled by the traditional need assessments of the organizations.[1] Identifying and describing information is not enough and that is where the job of information professionals kicks in because they are important for the organization since they can create possibilities to give to users. These professionals go deep into the acquired information through questions and inquiry in order to get to the base of the matter and this job is essential for the success of an organization. Unlike IT professionals and business analsyts information professionals go deeper into information in order to come up with innovative alternatives that make sure information and knowledge is operatable in the entire organization. EIA leads this information or knowledge team and others can be knowldege management and learning departments. Learning groups are important for organization but similar to IA they do not deal with the depth and breadth of knowledge which is requried. This requirement is sufficed by EIA. Since learning is simply a type of information and knowldege management and activity and EIA covers the full spectrum of activities within the organization including research, using existing information to create new information, report writing and also selling information.

[1]Tom Reamy (2006).Enterprise Information Architecture: A Semantic and Organizational Foundation. RetrievedMarch 22, 2009, from web title:

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