Sample Essay

Customer perception is very essential for every organization as it gives a clearer image to the organization where they stand in sight of their customers and what essential steps do they have to take in order to look better for their target audience (Smith, 2009). If an organization doesn’t give importance to what customers think, feel and know about their Brand then it is likely that the organization is going to lose those assets and source of revenue (Smith, 2009).

The customers of Virgin blue have a very sound image of the airline in their mind as they don’t really assume that the airline is any more close those low fare airlines as the service offered to them is outstanding. Customers are well aware of the fact that customer satisfaction level has been fairly high among those who have been frequently travelling with Virgin Blue due to which a positive word of mouth has spread for the airline resulting in more and more passengers flying with the airline. Customers of the virgin blue are also aware of the fact that airline has been performing well and are aware of the profits being declared by the airline on yearly basis. That keeps them maintain a sound image of the airline.

With best services obtained by the customers in very nominal rates, the customers are more likely to get brand loyal to the airline and that increases the lifetime value of the customers that are associated to the brand. In brief, customers knowing virgin blue and traveling with it have a good impression of the brand in their sight.

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