Sample Essay

The price strategy that has been applied is simple and straight forward, i.e. cost allocation. It vaguely resembles that of our competitors who own discount stores as well. Their location is their biggest plus point. It is not situation in a shopping District, in an off beaten path which makes it easily accessible to the customers around. There are various ways through which the product is delivered to the customers. The store is home to online stores as well, from where the customers purchase their desired products after which it is shipped to their house. The shipping is free of cost which acts as yet another lucrative offer to attract customers.

Their counterpart competitors on the other hand do not have this service, and hence have to spend their time and energy focusing on specific customer bases. It’s the selling concept of marketing which has hit the nail on the head for Stella in the first place. Against the basic essence of the marketing concept is the selling concept. The basic premise of companies pursuing this concept lies in their over-capacity which they aim to utilize to T. Such companies normally give little or no regard to what the customers of a particular niche aspire for. Rather they make and produce what they want and aim to sell it accordingly. Sales on a large scale basis and to promote the products accordingly are the basic approach adopted by such companies. The idea is to get through with the sale while customer bugs stand only secondary.

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