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The foundation of the Middle East is a glorious inheritance of civilizations which can be dated back to very old times. It is generally believed that science, the arts, and other trademarks of development prospered in ancient Sumer, Persia, Egypt, as well as a number of further parts of the Middle East. In the present day, the Middle East continues to present the world an affluent civilizing contribution, as being consistent of three major religions of the world, a vivacious amusement industry, a mesmerizing custom of folkloric music and dance, and a rising profitable power base.

The most prevalent form of dancing that can be seen all over Middle East and North Africa is that which is known as Belly Dancing or “Raqs Sharqi” in Arabic. This is a form of dance that has been taken up so as to portray the liberalism that exists in the countries and it is also a portrayal of a person’s individual personality, may it be a man or a woman (About Belly Dance, 2001).

True chronological data on belly dance is incomplete and it can be believed that there is comparatively little credentials on women’s work and behavior all the way through the age of literacy. Present theories on the narration of belly dance are a perplexing combination of approximate extrapolation as well as individual prejudice which is then often offered as chronological fact. For in-depth information about this cultural heritage there is much space for more rigorous research.

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