Sample Essay

Oriental Dance or “Raks Sharqi” in its most conventional outline interpreted from Arabic means “The Dance of The Orient”. The expression “Belly Dance”, was basically put into use firstly by the French when they saw the ripple and the ways the parts of the body were isolated, “The Dance of The Stomach”. In the prehistoric Middle East, the belly dance was first presented as kind of an aid during birth. Fundamentally, it was required that the sisters of the women giving birth help out the new mother by rolling and gently sloping their bodies in innate, wavy movements like the snake to assist with the delivery of the baby (Harding, 1993).

 This form of dance from Middle East and North Africa is as beautiful and holistic as it is misinterpreted. The Belly Dance is a devout correlation among psyche and body. Belly Dancing is as grandiose and imperial as conventional Ballet but, diverges for the reason that it presents the people who perform it a total occurrence, a feeling of happiness, delight, autonomy and most prominently, is a commemoration of the womanly soul and inner spirit by means of movement.

Something as striking as the Belly Dance cannot be subjugated, except when it is taken away from its anticipated background and it is positioned into the erroneous hands. What is more is that with people who come from conservative backgrounds, now and then the belly dance itself can be misapprehended. It can be considered as untrustworthy and not something that should be taken up by women of respectable families. This basically depends on the belly dancer and her family. If the performer is tacky, her performance of this dance would not be up to the mark. But what is most interesting is that this dance is rapidly gaining acceptance all over the world. But for those who perform this dance, it is a very unique form of expressing their freedom and liberty (Yen and Schwarzkopf, 2005).

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