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The data analysed in this section is basically from a variety of sources. This is to ensure that a comprehensive view is formed regarding the cloud computing as a means to conduct E-supply chain management.
A recent study from Gartner Research proposes that extra companies are taking on cloud-based supply chain answers. “Cloud computing” happens when companies utilize the Internet to contact applications and stock up data on the Web (Staff 1). Gartner inspected a few 130 companies in the retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, and high-tech sectors and establish that 95 percent of them were either utilizing or were taking into account cloud computing for supply chain applications. Out of those respondents, 82 percent said they were assessing or using it for customer relationship management software and 76 percent were employing or bearing in mind it for supply chain implementation systems or supply chain preparation systems.
Gartner Research notes that a shift to cloud computing has benefited some companies already. Around 38% of the people who were surveyed stated that decrease in supply chain costs was already evident due to cloud computing. It has benefited the manufacturing as well as the service sector. Manufacturers have successfully reduced their supply chain costs where as, the end user product companies have significantly trimmed down their costs to serve the customer. 41% out of the rest said that they were now in a position to assess their savings exactly and were witnessing a verifiable outcome. Out of these 41&, 3/4th replied that they had lessened information technology costs by 5 – 20 percent. (Staff 1)
A research firm, IDC approximates that by 2012, $7.7 billion will be utilized on cloud computing services globally. Out of this figure, it is expected that ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services, and not SCM (Supply Chain Management) will consume the biggest share. Although the initial reluctance to subcontract supply chains is declining, Supply Chain cloud resolutions are still a step behind in the market. (Shacklett)

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