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1.0           Introduction

1.1    Data Security:

Privacy and protection of personal data has always been an issue and especially in this century since everything is accessible and open to the world. Technology works against technology and protection of personal or critical data has become increasingly important since information is the basis to all the major problems in the world. Information can be used against a person and the person can easily be blackmailed. Thus, data security plays an essential role in today’s world. Data security is basically the protection of data. It protects data from unauthorized access and use or simply corruption. Data security helps maintain privacy of data. There are a number of data security technologies to support this process. They are as follows:

  • Disk Encryption: This is also known as on-the-fly encryption and it encrypts data from a hard disk. It can be in the form of software or either hardware.
  • Backup: This is simply when data is stored in multiple places so that it can be recovered if lost.
  • Data Masking: This is when important or critical data like confidential information about customers is masked or obscured within a database like in a specific cell or table in a database.
  • Data Erasure: This is a software that erases all data in a hard drive or any other digital media in order to make sure important data does not leak out when the asset is disposed of, sold or retired.

The topic of my research paper is Enterprise Information Architecture that strategically brings together the information architecture of the organization in a well-documented and logical manner. EAI integrates the information architecture of within an organization in such a way that the organization wide elements of goals, objectives, strategic plans etc also encompass within the architecture.[1]

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