Sample Essay

When you decide to watch cartoons on cartoon network most of the series aired are involving death in one way or the other. The Spiderman cartoon faces opposition from other beings who think that they are superior to him. Since, to kids Spiderman is their hero and therefore he should deal with all these bad men when he defeats them the viewers are very pleased. The only for Spiderman to prove that he has won is by killing these near immortal beings since they are also out to kill him. All the viewers agree that the opposers of Spiderman should be killed for they are not in any way out to help the common person as Spiderman does.

It is paramount importance to note that unlike in the cartoons and the drama series where is acceptable in news it is always opposed. This is because what happens in the news is real in the series it is hypothetical it is also worth noting that most people do not like those who kill others for no apparent reason. This is the reason behind many TV viewers watching these kinds of shows wishing those who are chasing the bad man all the best. Almost all the TV channels in the US are showing death related shows. Most people who are in the low and middle class love these kinds of shows as opposed to the affluent. This is because the affluent associate crime with poverty and thus do not want to be associated with crime. On the other hand, the low and middle class view this as a way of fighting for their rights. Though sports channels do not show much of these violent shows, they always advocate for peace.

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