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There are so many similarities between the beliefs of the three cultures for they all acknowledge the fact that the bereaved family ought to be condoled. This is not the case in American culture here the death of a person is the business of the close members of the deceased’s family.

As few as ten people can attend funerals in American culture, which is something that can never happen in Chinese, African or Hindu cultures. The religion followed by each culture defines where the soul goes at the death. In America, many believe that the soul of the righteous goes to heaven where God lives and those of the evil go to hell to meet the devil. In Chinese and African cultures it is important to share, food during the burial ceremony for it is a sign of togetherness. Economic factors affect a lot in the beliefs held by the different cultures, which are evident in the togetherness exhibited by the Chinese, African, and the Hindu since most of them are poor and thus they have to help one another in needs like these.

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