Sample Essay

It was also grasped from the stimulation that decision making in project management is the strategic issue as time and risk factor are always there. The decision has to be wise, quick and smart to make sure right decision is taken. Time shouldn’t be taken in access as the more time is taken; the less opportunity remains in hand. Moreover, risks are involved in every project and have to be taken after doing risk analysis. Risk taken must be calculated so that in case of loss incurred, the loss remains minimum & bearable.

The stimulation has few advantages as well as limitations as identified after viewing. Firstly, the biggest advantage of the stimulation is that the breaking down of a task into sub tasks and then putting them in order just like a puzzle is one big advantage attained as it shows how tasks can be scheduled in a right manner. Second advantage of the stimulation is that it has enhanced the project management skills by providing with a plan and a situation that looks just like a real life situation and decisions to be taken in a very calculated time. In brief, a thorough understanding of a project has been explained through the stimulation. There is hardly any limitation found in the stimulation but at certain points it lacks reality that has to be felt in while handling a project. Furthermore there have been many sub projects (parts) in the main project which can lead to a person losing interest and attention while going through the stimulation. It is always advisable that dual communication i.e. communication from all ends is being carried out to avoid misleading and loss of attention.

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