Sample Essay

This step is another significant step in decision making process. If the alternatives decided in above step are not equally important then we can categorize them according to our priorities (Stephen and Coulter 158).

For development of alternatives I used a brainstorming technique. As Reich, (1) showed by his research findings that brainstorming is the best technique to generate alternatives. The question arises as what alternative possibilities could exist? Could this be done any another way? I identified four Laptops as potential choices, Toshiba, Dell, Apple and Gateway.

“Once the alternatives were being identified then its time to test each alternative to see the results either you are getting the desired result or not? “(Stephen and Coulter 159).After I had formulated the alternative, I searched for the strengths and weaknesses of all the alternatives. For this purpose I visited market, searched web and saw the advertisements of all the alternatives and I allocated points to all the alternatives based on personal assessment.

At this point in the entire decision making process, I usually write down everything and take final decision. The sixth step in the decision making process involves the selection of the best possible alternative and always select that option which generated highest points (Stephen and Coulter 159) on the basis of the criteria identified, the weights given to the criteria and the assessment of each laptop on the basis of criteria, the alternative which scored the highest was Toshiba (Laptop) with maximum points in total, as a result Toshiba turned out to be the best possible choice for me.

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