Sample Essay

1.1.1        Research questions

The main query investigated is brought about by the decreased morale of workers at their various organizations resulting in low worker input that gives poor performance of a company. The main aim of the research is to answer the following questions.

a. How do managers influence staff morale in multinational organizations?
b. How can managers enhance staff morale in multinational organizations?

1.1.2        Overview

The most appropriate methodology for this kind of engagement is qualitative analysis (Loseke et al. p.16). This method looks at situations in a more natural point of view. This approach gives more of solution-focused outcomes that are not merely based on speculations but on the real state of the matter on the ground (Loseke et al. p.34).

1.2  Importance of research

This research seeks to find appropriate worker motivation tools and techniques and how they should be applied to boost their input for the benefit of an organization. The way organizations are run need to be revolutionalized. Ways of doing business have changed so much and unless new business environments are appreciated, then the general field human resource management is deemed to stagnation (Dessler, 2001, p.66).

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