Sample Essay

There are two broader aspects of research that are widely used by different organizations and researchers to conduct a research. These aspects are known as deductive and inductive approaches. The deductive research approach is applied by making a detailed over view of a specific hypothesis. Normally, this is done by first and foremost declaring an objective of the research and making a complete and focused statement for the purpose of the research. After the formulation of the above two criteria, the research proceeds and in the end the research hypothesis is either accepted or rejected. The topic of the research is tested and examined to ascertain the implications involved.

This approach is very frequently used especially when exact sciences such as chemistry and physics are the subject of the research. These sciences involve pre established laws and require a base for explanations, the estimation and anticipation of various phenomenon, and the prediction of the occurrence of these phenomenon so that these factors can be controlled for the purpose of the research. The deductive and the inductive reasoning actually suggest that whether the individual who is conducting the research is looking for a generalized or a specific explanation (Piekkari & Welch 2005). The deductive reasoning is sometimes referred as a top down approach because the research is deductive approach moves from more general to more specific. The steps of deductive approach are given below:

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