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It could be stated that events have had a long history before the ‘event industry’ became well known. Bowdin et al. (2011) explain that, in the past, most people used events and festivals for celebrations and entertainment. However, most of events at that time were traditional festivals such as Christmas and New Year and traditional festivals and fairs.

Moreover, in the past, festivals and fairs were usually restricted from immodesty and indecency so people who attended events and festivals needed to act morally and at that time most of events and festivals required only wealth people to participate in the events. For example, The Hoppings in Newcastle was founded in 1882 as a temperance festival and now it is one of the biggest fairs in Britain. When people attended this fair, they needed to act morally and they could not drink any alcohol inside the fair because fair organisers had to follow rules from the London Council and the Fair Act of 1871. However, the purpose of fairs and festivals has changed over time to respond to people who wanted to have fun and enjoyment. Therefore, now most events provide for enjoyment with a variety of activities such as rides, sideshows and stalls. Consequently, event is one of the fastest growing and important for tourism industry and the host destinations because events play an important role to participants, spectators and business people to host destinations (Getz, 2008; Xiao and Smith, 2004).

However, it would be better to understand the definition of events, type of events and roles of events before exploring events in further detail. Many scholars have discussed the definition and the various terms used to explain the meaning of events. Bowdin et al. state that an event can be defined as:

anything which happens; any incidence or occurrence especially a memorable one; contingency or possibility of occurrence; and item in a programme and organised activity at particular venue for sales promotion and fundraising.

(Bowdin et al., 2011, p.17)


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