Sample Essay

After Deinterleaving, what is the next processing step that must be conducted on the received signals?

After De-Inteleaving the signals are processed in order to identify the radar emitters. These threats are then prioritized by removing ambiguity and displayed on the RWR screen (Cole).

Q5 Decoys are often used in electronic warfare.

(a) Give an example of an active decoy and suggest where it might be used

An example of an active decoy round is Siren – Active Decoy Round which is in use by the Royal Navy of the UK. One of the situations that it is intended for use is for luring away anti-ship missile from the ship by producing a radar signature similar to the original target of the missile.

(b) Give an example of a passive decoy and suggest where it might be used

An example of passive decoy is ADM-141A Tactical Air-Launched Decoy (TALD) which uses infra-red and radio frequency mechanisms to confuse and reduce the effectiveness of enemy air defence systems.

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