Sample Essay

With regard to the observations for primary activities for inbound suppliers, it was observed that the company manages its relationships with its suppliers by making sure that its suppliers are fully aware of its method of operation. Dell frequently engages its suppliers in training sessions and similar opportunities to promote unhindered communication between suppliers and Dell personnel in order to ensure that inbound logistics activities never failed to deliver. Furthermore, participants responded that Dell’s relationship with its inbound suppliers is the essence of Dell’s success. By increasing its relationships with its suppliers, Dell manages to reduce the need to maintain inventory, thereby enabling it to ensure that its unique business model functions adequately.
With regard to operations, the survey participants responded that Dell’s control over its operations is of an exemplary nature. Dell channels extensive resources towards making sure that its personnel are adequately trained and fully aware of their role in the value chain. A majority of the responses given by the participants were observed to be in favor of the operations activities of Dell’s primary activities. Furthermore, the observations also showed that Dell has remained consistent with regard to ensuring that its operations contribute the most value to the final product.

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