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Since the cars started being imported in Australia, the demand of the ford vehicles shoot up and the nation soon became a home for Ford Vehicles/automobiles. In 1919, Ford established its branch office in Melbourne due to demand of its automobiles in Australia and later on it was in year 1925 that Ford Company decided to place their headquarters in Victoria, Australia and also considered setting up production and assembling line in Australia and soon this proposal was implemented. Assembly line was set up in Australia in 1925 where the vehicles were assembled. Model T was the hottest model of that time and in this span of time the Assembly line in Australia managed to produce up to 12,700 vehicles (Morgans, 2002, p.34).

With the passage of time, assembly and manufacturing of Ford Automobiles gained more pace and plants for assembly and manufacturing were set up in cities of Adelaide and Brisbane in order to increase production and meet the demand As mentioned above, the ford motor company achieved rapid success since its existence and due to high demand of vehicles all over the world, the production of the automobile had to be increased so that the demand of the market could be appropriately met. For this purpose Ford started exporting cars worldwide and also considered setting up production and assembling plants in countries where operating cost was low and the company could make profits while operating at such locations. It was in year 1904, one year after the Ford motor company was formed that the first ford car stepped into the Australia from the ford motor company. This import of the first ford car marked a beginning to the introduction of ford cars in Australia (Meyer, 2007, p. 13).

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