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Democracy is a political system by means of which the preponderance of the inhabitants rules. It is different from a number of other types of dictatorship by the extent of the ruling class. Basically, it is supposed that democracy is way by which we can achieve independence, tranquility, and prosperity. Democracy basically is rule by the majority. The limits that are put on the practice of the majority are none.

Laws can be passed by the majority based on impulse. But the rights of minorities are protected at all times and perhaps amongst the basic human rights that any democratic government has to safeguard are freedom of speech and expression; freedom of religion and belief; outstanding process and equivalent protection under the law; and liberty to organize, speak out, disagree, and contribute fully in the public life of their society. Democracy is supported by the decisions that are made by the majority group. It is the most significant instrument for ruling peaceful resolutions to conflicts. As is said, “mechanisms are necessary to prevent 51% of people from controlling 100% of the decisions in a democracy simply by having majority rule that allows them to win every vote without having ever to take into account the needs of the 49%. When those needs are intolerably and unreasonably ignored and thwarted, there is a tyranny of the majority. So there are a great many safeguards (though not enough) built into the Constitution that can be seen as essentially trying to prevent that from happening, and that can be seen as attempts to ensure accommodation of minority positions and needs” (Garlikov, 2000).

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