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Democracies realize that the protection of the rights of minorities is necessary to defend cultural individuality, social practices, individual sense of right and wrong, and religious activities and this is perhaps one of their primary tasks. The majority needs to accept various ethnic and cultural groups even though they might seem alien to them and this perhaps is the most challenging task faced by the majority and just about any democratic government. But, it is an accepted fact in a democratic state that multiplicity can be a colossal asset.

They treat these differences in individuality, background, and values as a challenge that can reinforce and supplement them, not as a hazard.  There is no perfect answer to how minority-group dissimilarity in views and values are determined — only the definite knowledge that only all the way through the democratic process of broadmindedness, wonder, and motivation to cooperate can free societies reach harmony that clinch the twin pillars of majority rule and minority rights.

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