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Ergo, with Japanese entering the U.S market the size and demographics of the motorcycle industry in the United States changed dramatically. In the late 1960s and the beginning of 1970s, the demand for motorcycles grew manifold. For instance more than eighty percent of motorcycle buyers in the sixties were first time purchases. Between 1963 and 1973, motor cycle sales cropped up whooping thirty three percent and now Japanese manufacturers made up for than eighty five percent of the motor cycle sales in the United States. Japanese manufacturers were known for their mass producing capabilities when producing motorcycle.

They continued to opt for differentiation and kept improving the design and quality of their products.  They anticipated potential threats and worked in advance to counter them in the long run. Newer models would crop up in no time; hence their customer base was constantly glued to their products. Prices were set such that short term profits would rather be ignored and advertising expenditures were many multiples of competitor companies. All those customers, who preferred the technical edge offered by Japanese manufacturers flocked up to them. At the same time, Harley was slow and could make little or no technical improvements in the motorcycles it offered. It was thus inevitable and came as no surprise when its overall market share declined and it was relegated to a small niche player.

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