Sample Essay

Basically in normal circumstances, all that is needed is one single bad story about a fire that went off at a camping site in order to remind us just how important it is to develop and sustain a well-developed fire safety and precaution program for every single camp site. The property that is present at and is surrounding the camp sites are very risky considering that the buildings surrounding such areas are rather old, made up of frame construction which is supposed to be used only seasonally that too in areas that are rather far-flung. This is perhaps the biggest reason that when a fire goes ablaze in a campsite it ends up in complete destruction for the entire area, which makes it even more important for us to make sure that we take every single step to ensure ours and others safety (Schirick, 1998).

The article is related to our course in certain manners as it tells us of basic precautions that we can take to avoid fire outbursts. Though the information provided is extremely basic, it is still rather helpful. The same information has been taught to us in our course and this article was yet another method to understand our course in a much better manner.

The most important thing to do at any camping site is to take care of all outdoor fires. Make sure that every single fire and coal is burnt out and cold before you leave your camp or go to bed at night inside your tent. In order to put out camp fires you can start off by letting the fire burn down on its own at first. The second step is to make sure that each and every ember, coal, and stick is soaked.

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