Sample Essay

Section A


Trade has been one of the oldest professions adopted by the individuals for earning their livelihood. Since there were no such big organizations operating centuries ago, people relied heavily on trading activities to make sure they earn sufficient amount for the survival of their families. With the passage of time, trading activities started to take further boom as more and more people started to get them involved in this occupation. Countries have started importing and exporting on a very large scale that has led towards economies of the countries prospering more than ever before (Baker, 2009).

Due to high volume of trade, GDP of the nations is on the rise as not only commodities are exchanged but technology and many other important resources are exchanged during trade. Currently, the scenario is that developed economies are producing goods in high demand and are supplying them to the developing countries to meet the demand levels (McKinley, 2009).

Marketing management in recent years has gained a lot of recognition and importance in all large organizations and SME’s as true meaning and significance of marketing has been greatly realized (Kelly, 2009). As organizations keep on bringing new brands into the market, the need of educating target audience has become so important for organizations that they have begun drafting marketing plans in order to inform the target audience about their company profile, their brands and their uniqueness in terms of products, services offered by their competitors. Keeping in view of such situations, marketing management has gained rapid importance in corporate world (Ben, 2009).

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