Sample Essay

The development of flexibility in the case of Dell’s value chain calls for the integration of sensitivity in order to change its value chain members. In order to do so, Dell needs to stress on areas concerning logistics and inventory operations in its value chain. The sensitivity Dell develops in its value chain members is by making them aware of the need to customize their functioning in accordance with consumer demand.

Needless to say, each value chain member cannot be expected to hold the same degree of enthusiasm that Dell holds for the development of the customer centric business model (Danskin, Englis, Solomon, Goldsmith, & Davey, 2005). So in order to facilitate its value chain members and to save them from the cost of collecting data from the end users and making use of it, Dell performs the function of the collection of data and posts them on its website in order to allow its suppliers to have ready access to it. As a result of this unique approach, Dell’s value chain members are able to regulate inventory figures and maintain performance with consideration to the flexibility required.

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