Sample Essay

1.0 Introduction

After more than twenty years of economic reforms in China, the country has experienced tremendous economic growth and changes to the composition to corporations within the nation (Ng, Siu 2004). Economic reforms after the Open Door Policy of 1978 led the way for rapid economic growth. After living under the “Iron Rice Bowl”, in which everybody was guaranteed an income and job, workers- in particular Chinese managers, are now faced with the dilemma of “competition” – both personally (higher career prospects) and from a corporate perspective (driving their companies to future growth) (Branine, 2003). Training has been viewed as an important catalyst in enhancing the development of a skilled workforce and a critical element for economic growth (Ng,Siu, 2004).

1.1 Title

The title of the research is ‘The effects of training on the development of management skills in the Chinese hotel industry’

1.2 Background

China has witnessed tremendous economic growth over the last 30 years. Faced with fierce competition from its internal and the global market, China is under immense pressure to perform well. Training has been identified as one of the key catalysts to enhancing the nation’s economic reforms. Closely linked to skill development is talent development. As Eyring (2008) explains in the article Executing Growth Strategies in China: Perspectives on People and Organization, for companies, realizing and maintaining employee talent is one of the important factors to successful organizational growth. Companies, whether local or foreign corporations with local subsidiaries, have realized talent development is a top priority for them. Attracting, selecting, developing, and retaining talent is a critical driver to every company’s growth. Having a strong employer reputation is of particular importance to attracting talent.

Further, companies understand the need to place large investments into classroom training and e-learning. Many companies also have formal leadership development programs that are targeted on improving the capabilities of their leaders. Importing talent from abroad (whether from within the company or externally) has also been seen as a useful tool to developing local Chinese talent. (Erying 2008)

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