Sample Essay

DHL Exel Supply Chain offers IT based, global logistics solutions that are tailored to customer needs.  It customizes processes to match the needs of its customers that come from a range of different industries. These industries include healthcare, technology, aerospace, automotive, industrial or retail, and consumer fashion.

It also provides procurement assistance, warehousing facility, outbound and inbound logistics, and other value added services such as packing, labeling, billing and order processing. Service offered under the DHL Exel Supply Chain division are: Supply Chain Planning, Inbound manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution and Delivery & Installation Aftermarket. Through DHL Exel Supply Chain DHL aims to become a one stop shop for all supply chain solutions (cited in

DHL Global Mail provides customers with international business mail, publications, marketing and merchandizing solutions. Services offered are; Global mail Business, Global-mail Publication, Global-mail Direct, and Global-mail Parcel.

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