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A research question is defined as the “guiding force of an experiment” (North Carolina State University, 2004). It not only lends direction to the dissertation but also stages the problems that will be solved further on in the document. The research question establishes the different unknowns and states the purpose of the experiment. Without research questions, there would be no proper structure to the dissertation and the reason for composing the dissertation will not be defined distinguishably.

As far as hypothesis is concerned, it institutes a correlation between two variables, often in a cause and effect relationship. When a dissertation comes into existence, any two; dependent and independent variables, are identified which turn into objects of scrutiny during the length of the study. The experimenter, or author, of the dissertation employs the use of several research methods to observe the categorical implications of one variable on another.

A hypothesis is usually constructed on a theoretical structure and thus, is amenable to realistic divergences, as and when necessary.  A hypothesis is a tentative and exploratory section of the dissertation and ‘may include a prediction’ (Access Excellence, 2008). This implies that the author can, at his own discretion, draft assumptions regarding the relation between two variables as long as his dissertation continues to justify that assumption.

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