Sample Essay

What is the difference between Gray body and Selective radiator? Give an example for each case.

A Gray Body is an energy radiator which has an energy distribution of a black body reduced by a constant emission factor throughout the spectrum of radiated energy or in a particular frequency range.  Most of the metals can be considered gray bodies since they have constant emissivity in the visible region of light. Selective radiators on the other hand are those bodies whose spectral energy distribution differs from that of a black body.  Gases at high temperature and low pressure behave like selective radiators (Hardy and Perrin 144).

You have purchased a new sunglass which is approved for blocking UV radiations. You would like to test your sunglass by placing it in front of your TV remote control. Would your remote control work? Explain Why.

The sunglasses block ultraviolet rays only while the remote control operates using the infra red rays. Since ultra-violet and infra-red frequency bands lie on the opposite end in the light spectrum, therefore, the sun glasses do not block the rays from the remote control (NASA).

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