Sample Essay

From the above emails, it is easy to distinguish between persuasive and directive mode of communication. Persuasive communication is the mode of communication in which the speaker tries to convince other to see things in his perspective (Abbott, 2007). With this kind of communication, there are no threats issued and one persuades others to make a wise decision but does not make the decision for them. In other words, he helps them make the right choice by showing them the benefits of such a choice. With persuasive communication, the speaker has to motivate the others see the need of the change. He should be able to make them understand his point without threats but rather in an influencing mode.

 On the other hand, directive mode of communication is especially used by the people in authority. This means that one is not able to use this mode of communication unless he or she has authority over the others. With directive communication, the actions of the other team members are influenced by the powers of the team leader (Carmazzi, 2010). Directive communication is fast in action since the team members do not have any option but to follow the laid down rules failure to which there are sanctions. One should note that both of these forms of communication styles are effective depending on some factors. First, if one is dealing with incompetent people and the action is needed very fast, the leader can always go for the option of directive communication. Persuasive communication is more effective but should be applied if the other members of staff are able to make their own decisions given the advice.

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