Sample Essay

The main difference between the previous PRINCE2 methodologies and the updated 2009 is that they were far less perceptive. Every single process comprises of a number of activities and each activity consists of a number of recommended actions. PRINCE2 has a set sequence of processes which in the real world may not be following exactly as they have been laid out. This might not be a major cause for concern but the people involved should assess whether or not any further corrective actions might be necessary later in the project or whether the project is at a serious risk by not following the outlines sequence of process.

The PRINCE2 2009 has seven processes as compared to eight in PRINCE2 2005. The planning process has been united with the plans theme (which comprises of a recurring planning procedure which can be used to produce or update any type of plan). The planning steps from the process lifecycle perspective are included in the Initiating a Project process (planning a project) and Managing a Stage Boundary process (planning a stage). (Charvat, Jason 2010, pp. 203-207)

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