Sample Essay

Compare the selling concept with the marketing concept- which one best describes Levi Strauss & Co. Identify and assess the benefits and costs of implementing a marketing approach to Levi Strauss & Co.

Against the basic essence of the marketing concept is the selling concept. The basic premise of companies pursuing this concept lies in their over-capacity which they aim to utilize to T. Such companies normally give little or no regard to what the customers of a particular niche aspire for. Rather they make and produce what they want and aim to sell it accordingly. Sales on a large scale basis and to promote the products accordingly are the basic approach adopted by such companies. The idea is to get through with the sale while customer bugs stand only secondary. Thus this approach has a short term pre-conceived target plan and does not seek to work on building long term profitable relationships with customers. Such companies have seen to be at major loss when customer focused companies seek to increase in the same market.

For a new brand to find bases in a different zone, and for its products to sell successfully as a part of targeting its companies key long term goals and acquiring shareholder profitability accordingly there are innumerable number of consumer oriented behavior principles that must be fully grasped and implemented accordingly. For instance a firm like Levis and Strauss which has tried its hands at both marketing and selling concept and ended up figuring that only the marketing concept could work best abroad and in India in particular. Levis’s 501 had created ma lot of hype recently and were claimed by many to be the fastest moving brand which was present in the store at that point in time. Probably because, it brought the old classic way of buttoning rather than zipping it up back in vogue. Levis is known to have an iconic status across the globe and this particular kind of jeans came into being on 1873 and has maintained its vail ever since.  It was the young Bavarian immigrant, Levi Strauss who discovered the need for rugged long lasting trousers on his trip to New York from San Francisco to sell some certain dry fruits.

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