Sample Essay

One factor that has always separated the two companies from each other is their involvement in racing. The core essence for Ferrari is racing. The idea behind creating Ferrari was to be a super racer car. Their enormous participation in settings such as F1 and sports car racing is appreciated by its customers. Ferrari’s customers get to experience a great deal of racing attraction, as it rubs off on the cars that Ferrari produces for the street (Zane 2010).

Lamborghini on the other hand was born to be engine strong and therefore, has had limited involvement in racing, preferring instead to focus on making the most thrilling street legal cars available. That doesn’t mean at all that there are no Lamborghini’s to be seen on the racetrack. The company has developed racing engines and even made a diablo spec racer. Privateers have campaigned recent models more extensively than in previous years (Zane 2010).
Ferrari is owned by Fiat. Lamborghini is owned by Volkswagen, which in turn is controlled via a majority holding by Porsche A.G. Ferraris are still made in Modena, Italy, while Lamborghinis are made in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy (Zane 2010).

The question is: who is the market leader Ferrari or Lamborghini?

A firm or company that has the largest percentage of total sales revenue or market share is supposed to be the market leader. The answer is predictable and both the cars are market leaders. (Business Dictionary) Though a market leader often rules out its competitors in customer loyalty, image and distribution coverage, Ferrari and Lamborghini happen to cover all the criteria to be market leaders. This is because both have different marketing strategies and appeal as discussed previously.

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