Sample Essay

Students invest a lot of their money for proper education. It is said that, “In 2005, young people (ages 18-25) in the US gambled $67 billion. Not in Vegas or online poker rooms, but on a betterment program called college. Their hope is that the monies they are spending will allow them to earn more money over their lifetime. Many are paying for this wager by amassing a mountain of debt that will take years to pay off” (Robertson, p.1). Although the aims of private and public colleges are same, that is, providing education to the youth and making them respectable and productive citizens, certain differences do exist between them. The basic and most obvious difference that exists between public and private colleges is that one is supported by the state and the government while the other receives no funds.
Some of the most striking difference that exist between private and public colleges are, “Private schools are often more expensive than public schools. The average cost for one year at a private school is $21,339 while at a public school it’s just $8,086. Most public schools are larger than private colleges. Private schools tend to offer more guaranteed housing on campus than public schools. You are also more likely to get into the courses you want at most private schools than public schools. Probably the most controversial issue is quality. Many private schools are thought to have stronger academic reputations than public schools” (What is the Difference Between Public and Private Colleges?, p.1).

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