Sample Essay

What are advantages and disadvantages of TOA and differential Doppler systems?

In differential Doppler System the received signals are contrasted against each other by detecting how much each of the signal has Doppler shifted. However differential Doppler Systems poses a number of short comings. First of all differential Doppler systems provide only two-dimensional position fixes. Furthermore, in order to measure the shift accurately the distance between the target and the radar must be determined accurately. In addition no data related to the speed of the target is provided by these systems. In Time-of-Arrival Systems, two signals are sent out from two different antenna and their received versions are compares to measure the difference in their arrival time. The Time-of-Arrival system does not have same limitation as the differential Doppler systems (McGraw-Hill).

You need to design a DF system for a commercial ship. Explain which technique/s you will consider for this application.

The technique which I would prefer to use in DF system for a commercial ship would be Multiple Directional Antennas with Angle and Distance approach for direction finding. This would provide a more accurate estimation on the location of an object in conditions when only the ship’s radar can be used for finding the direction and distance of an incoming object (Skolnik 265).

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