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To face these challenges, the United States took precautions to produce a legal base. As a result, DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) was formed. When this act was formed, its initiators tried to connect to digital works the same enormous significance in the circulation, as ordinary works have. Nevertheless, in opinion of most of the independent specialists, in case of application of the act, the circulation of any digital works of copyright is covered by restrictions of such degree that they violate all the reasonable limits and involve serious expenses. It is of no surprise that after coming into force the act was not applied and no one was answerable for it. (Renee Hobbs 2010, pp. 110-115)

Digital photos are part of the audio and video records which formulate and refer to the objects of copyright from the increased risk group; the coping and distribution of which is completely out of the author’s control. It is why the amount of pirated digital photos outnumbers the quantity of audio and video records taken together. These days more than 90% of all the sites on the internet are built with pirated pictures and information and without the indicating the name, consent and knowledge of the author. In the world of graphic advertisement this number virtually reaches 100%, and if to take into consideration that while copying digital images (in addition to digital sound) the quality of copy does not become inferior in contrast with the original (as in case with similar record), then it’s clear that the most recent natural brink on the way of photo piracy fades away.

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