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These researches placed a considerable degree of importance in covering Dell’s history and how it worked on its direct selling model to distinguish itself from its competition from the very beginning. Such researches would rarely shed light on the internal working of the Direct Selling Model and only a handful of researches were found that detailed on how Dell works. In this regard, it became imperative to perform a research that could provide a working insight into how Dell chooses to approach and address it value chain. There was a need to address the void created by a lack of researches on Dell’s perspective on its unique value chain.
It is important to note that there were researches available on inbound logistics, marketing and technology employed by Dell but none interlinked the value chain’s primary and secondary components. This served to further widen the gap between each components of the value chain. In essence, as researches attempted to contribute to their specific areas of relevance, they simultaneously served to increase the need for a research that could bring them together in a combined perspective.

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