Sample Essay

I do understand that each one of you has been allowed to wear casually on Fridays but you should understand that you are overdoing it. As your head of the department, I as well have authority to order you to wear decently. I do not want to see any of the employees dressed in sandals, shorts or some t-shirts, which have some writings. Any employee who does not follow these new orders will have to face a very severe kind of punishment.

My new orders do not mean that I completely revoke the casual wear rules but rather direct each of you on the casual wears I will allow. You can come in t-shirts if at all they do not have immoral writings, open shoes are allowed but not sandals, jeans trousers can also be worn but not shorts since some of them are too short. We are serving customers and thus we do not have to arouse their emotions and chase them from our firm.

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