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Then what would we call that clone? A human? An animal? Babies born with a certain kind of genetic defect are a nightmare for the parents. An alien? Experiments of animal cloning have produced mutants. The joy of producing a baby and having emotional attachments with it just doesn’t fit in with cloning. True, twins also look alike, but they have different personalities. We should keep in mind that a child may go through an emotional trauma if he finds out that he has been cloned. What effects would it have on his personality?

Already we have a high population rate. Cloning would surely contribute to it. Some zoologists think that cloning can be a way of saving endangered species. However, in my opinion, the problem is not that their population number should grow. The actual problem is that they have to mate with their cousins and that causes genetic disorders. Also in the trial part of the cloning, many lives are wasted. Take the cloning of Dolly the sheep. It took 277 tries before it was successful. Think about the wastage of organs and lives caused in the process.

It is still not clear what the future of this technology will hold for the world. Even if it does go ahead, initially the success rates will not be high. I’m sure the religious groups would continue to protest. We also have to see what the laws of different countries say about this. One thing for all humans to remember, and take satisfaction in is that ‘There will never, ever be another you.”

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