Sample Essay

Women in this country were not allowed to vote in the municipal elections that took place in 2005 and continue to bear the brunt of this ban. They are still not allowed to women. On the legal end too, women continue facing discrimination. They are not allowed to testify and even if they are then it has to be a personal matter where men could not be seen. A woman’s testimony has been dismissed on various grounds in Saudi Arabia, and is treated as a presumption than a fact.

The authorities claim that the women tend to be more emotional compared to men which may impact the facts and distort the truth sought for; due to women’s limited role in public life they bear little of no understanding of what they witness and foresee; as women continue to be subdued by men who are the superior sex as proclaimed by God, women can only testify as per what the last men relayed to them. These laws have unfortunately had an adverse affect on the society and men have been able to scot free after coming barbaric crimes such as assault and rape because women’s testimony will be treated as a presumption and that of the criminal a fact. The opposite has happened in some case where in instead of the man being punished, the victim is for being alone with “na-mahram” males. Such is the state of women in Saudi Arabia in today’s time and age. As far as their domestic life is concerned, in most Saudi homes, men and women have separate entrances. In this culture, women cannot meet her fiancé before the wedding, nor are they allowed to talk to them. (Eltahawy, 2007)

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