Sample Essay

There are many diseases for which the conventional medicines might work but in some cases there are other forms of treatments being used by the therapists as well as the doctors. The treatments being used other than the conventional drug medications on the patients include alternative therapies as well as the art therapies. The diseases on which these are being tried include cancer as well as some forms of chronic diseases. Cancer, especially breast cancer in some cases has been seen to occur as a result of trauma, and it is being treated by using art therapy.

Aesthetic senses of a person can be used for the healing purposes and this is a fact that has been realized in its true manner by the therapists. It has been noticed that the patients, inflicted with many diseases are made to use their minds in art; as in painting, the rates of healing are seen to be much faster and higher. This collates to art therapy (Collie, 2006, p. 765).

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