Sample Essay

It might at first seem obvious and clear that God knows each and everything. He is aware from each and every single thing and He knows that what is actually going around Him. God’s knowledge is infinite and along with this, it has a particular structure which is constrained by some logical possibilities.

Realizing and thinking that the doctrine of divine omniscience does not simply imply that God is aware from each and everything, but that God’s omniscience is known as a matter of his knowing what actually it is possible for him to know also prompts us to ask whether the different kinds of knowledge are traditionally attributed to God are actually the kinds of knowledge which is possible for him to have. It is also assumed among many theists that God actually knows each and every single thing that will actually happen in the future, but as we know that the future basically consists of all the free human actions, this view is thus termed as problematic. Is it also possible for anyone, even for God, to know what actually free agents will do before they make any kind of choices?

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