Sample Essay

DHL is offering a host of services and has divided its services in clear divisions. These divisions are, DHL Express, DHL Freight, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Exel Supply Chain and DHL Global Mail. DHL Express is the division offering express courier and global parcel delivery services. DHL Express came into being by merging DHL Worldwide Express business and the Deutsche Post Euro Express parcels business. With 6500 offices, and 120,000 service destinations DHL stands poised to fulfill delivery needs of its customers.

It offers same day, day definite, time definite and optional services. Same day is an emergency service that allows for promptĀ  pickup and delivery within a span of hours. Day definite service entails delivery within a specific number of days that is communicated to the customer. Time definite service entails delivery within a specified time such as next business day, or tied to a particular time that is communicated to the customer. Optional services let the customer pick up or make a custom schedule as per requirement. These services also include sub-divisions of services available within them (cited in

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